Labor law

Our firm advises, assists and represents French and foreign companies, as well as directors, senior executives and employees in all areas of labor law and social security.

The firm assists in case of dispute, under negotiation or before industrial tribunals (industrial tribunal, Court of Appeal) employers and employees.

The firm also provides expertise and advice to companies on the application of labor law, including:
In drafting employment contracts (CDI, CDD, full-time contracts or part-time, etc.). Clauses and sensitive (not competition).

Assisting employers or employees in connection with:
Disciplinary procedure, particularly in the context of dismissal for personal reasons, for economic reasons (individual and collective), for incapacity, etc..
Collective disputes: backup plan of employment, restructuring strikes.
Criminal law work before the courts or police and corrections, if necessary, the Courts of Appeal on undeclared work, discrimination, harassment or sexual harassment.

The firm strives to provide HR services to our clients with advice and assistance to both rapid and pragmatic taking into account their concerns and demands of social legislation.