Foreign investment in France

The firm operates Agahi especially in the area of ​​foreign investment in France, since its inception. The firm is also a member of the American Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Commerce Franco-British.

In addition to the English-speaking customers, the firm also based clients in Japan, China and the Middle East.

A foreign company or individual who intends to invest in France has special needs that require the intervention of a lawyer”
general business law, in order to support its activities, protect their interests, secure operations on the legal and
tax orientation” and if necessary, to specialists in legal, accounting or business.

In addition to the specialties that we have in our firm, we have highly qualified correspondents, particularly in the field of taxation
accounting and business.

When you are in a position to expose the idea that you want to set up in France, we advise including the type of
legal structure to create (SARL, SAS, etc..) and we will present one or more accountants who are likely to bring you
necessary advice and tax accounting choices that” it should be at the beginning of your project, including your balance

Depending on your wishes, and if necessary, depending on your agreement with your partners, whether it is a joint venture or a joint project, we
submit for your consideration a draft of the laws of your company you clause by clause describes the choices you can make and their legal implications.

Once your choices are made knowingly and approved the draft of the statutes, we will proceed with the registration of the company.

Depending on your needs, we will recommend the best options and choices in terms of managing legal, social and commercial. In
especially if you need space, we’ll help you find suitable premises for your business, especially with the help of our correspondents
estate agent, we will develop the commercial lease, or whether it is a lease to buy, we will advise you on the characteristics of the lease and
its advantages and disadvantages and if the lease you, we will prepare the deed of assignment of lease as counsel of both parties, or
if the yield has his own lawyer, as part of a negotiation by” through it, in compliance with the ethical rules
” impose the impartiality and objectivity.

In operations that you enter into with another party (lessor, vendor, etc.)., Your lawyer may act for all
parties, or just for yourself. Usually, as usual, when writing lease or assignment of lease or leasehold or transfer of shares, fees and other fees are the responsibility of the tenant or the commercial” purchaser. However, this use is not mandatory and the parties agree otherwise, the parties may agree to share the same fee or fees to be paid by the lessor or
yield. Whether counsel for all parties for all or part of several lawyers, fees and expenses, including
attorney fees.

Naturally,” lawyer or notary acting for all parties” the obligation to respect the rules of ethics and impartiality”
objectivity. However, obviously, it is in your interest to have your own lawyer to ensure the observance of these
same rules.

If you want to buy another company, the units or shares of another company, this is a very delicate operation to the extent that your company will inherit all the legal history of the company, so that in case of acquisition” of goodwill, according to your instructions and in accordance with the yield you can define the scope of the sale including debt or exclude all or part of staff subject to compliance with the provisions of the Labour Code relating to the succession employers.

We proceed with the help of a qualified accountant to audit the” legal tax and accounting of the company you want to buy
losses or action to avoid the risks of this delicate operation and we will prepare various acts relating to the guarantee liabilities.

If you want to hire employees, we can help you find qualified individuals will put you in connection with firms
recruitment. We prepare employment contracts, taking care to minimize legal risks so that you can
have a maximum of flexibility within the limits imposed by the French labor law. This is, without doubt, the most difficult aspect in
company law in France, staffing is often a source of major concern for the use.

If you want to buy property, we prepare promises to purchase, together with a notary, we prepare
deeds of sale which will naturally received by it in accordance with the law.

Foreign investment are many other areas and operations it is not possible to detail or even list the
this presentation. We are at your disposal to explain the case.

As, a doctor or a family doctor accompanies the patient throughout his life, as the” q’ue lawyer of your company, you
accompany all along the operations you want to perform in France, in order to prevent difficulties are risk. As the saying goes “prevention is better than cure”. Often legal and tax written a simple approach inadequate or inappropriate, can have serious consequences, see irreversible, so the foreign investor has the additional handicap of less well know an investor in the French market and French the legal context. A better have a trusted person to accompany him during this operation. We will be your trusted person in France.